Jorina Fricke


Font design: Brancusi

The font Brancusi is based on the sculptures of the artist Constantin Brancusi. Living in Paris during an internship, I often visited the Atelier Brancusi in front of the Centre Pompidou, which is the exact reconstruction of his studio. The forms of the sculptures and the atmosphere of this space inspired me a lot, so when I took a typography course back in Nuremberg I decided to design a font based on Brancusis work.
A font has to be chosen carefully, just like Brancusi very carefully curated his sculptures in his own studio, which became an exhibition space and a work of art itself. The relationship between the sculptures and their environment was of crucial importance to the artist, which I find can be translated to using typography and creating a design in general. Nothing stands on its own, everything is placed into an environment, you always have a certain space with which you have to work. It is crucial to not only see a part of it, only one thing, but to always consider the context, the environment, and the relationships.